SE CLUB, founded in 2008 as part of Aşçıoğlu Group, is a high-class facility management company that aims to protect long term interests of the project and the residents choosing to live in such project by developing right strategies in facility management for the purpose of enhancing the current value of projects and protecting brand value in the long term.

Based on our approaches with primary focus on quality and satisfaction, we offer efficient operational solutions and high-quality living areas in all projects for which we provide Facility Management service.

In addition to the management of operational processes in services such as technical, security, cleaning, landscaping, concierge and social facility operation for facilities; we provide legal consulting services, increase the level of services through the provision of training-oriented human resources services and manage maintenance processes according to the plans that increase economic lifetime of technical equipment in projects with our specialized technical team. We aim to prepare the project for sustainable management model and provide support to achieve ideal investment.

We combine our experience in facility management with the power of information technology and generate end-to-end software solutions in interrelated application areas along with the ever-developing technologies. We create national and international projects through our activities and high-quality services. With our experienced software team, we implement innovative IT projects in the field of facility management.


We invite you to experience the quality of Se Club to meet all your expectations from facility management.



Title: Se Club Gayrimenkul Yonetimi Yazılım Bilisim Sistemleri Pazarlama Danısmanlık Ticaret A.S.
Center: Hakkı Yeten Cad. Selenium Plaza 10/C Fulya, Beşiktaş / İstanbul
Telephone: 0212 215 55 55
E-Mail: info@seclub.com.tr