The scope of SE CLUB Cleaning service is adapted according to the needs of its customers.

It covers the supply of the personnel who are responsible for cleaning all spaces, management areas and all general areas and the performance of the cleaning and maintenance of all common areas.

We provide your cleaning and hygiene service with the schedule that we have prepared by generating solutions specific to you for your needs regarding the building maintenance services; and we aim to continuously protect the environment where you live in by making it healthier and more reliable.

The common area cleaning which is ensured with the personnel employed by SE CLUB is ensured with the experienced personnel who have been trained so as to be able to carry out the healthiest applications suitable for the areas by means of the equipment pool that has been established in compliance with the intended purpose.


We create a clean environment in order to provide a detailed, professional, sustainable, high-quality, healthy and effective living space.


AVM Cleaning

Plant, office, residence cleaning

Factory cleaning

Site, collective housing cleaning

School cleaning