SE CLUB, to increase the current value of the projects it serves,

Considering the fact that the investor's ability to create brand value and protect it in the long run depends on its success at the operating stage and that this level of success can be attained to a large extent and can be reflected to the project before it launches, 

It reflects the experience gained from the problems similar projects on the national platform faced, both in terms of investment and operating period,

It works with architectural coordination teams in the process of preparing the architectural and technical projects,

It responds the sales expectations of the project by arguments put forth in the scope of project like sales promises, operational possibility, dues etc. by taking the past experience with the demands of the owners in the similar projects into account.

Services provided within this scope:


  • Design Review
  • Preparation of Management Plan
  • Preparation of FM Scenarios
  • Preparation of Procedures and Instructions
  • Preparation of "Life Guideline"
  • Preparation of Service Charge Modelling